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Dordoi Plaza  

Delivery service by "Namba Food"

Cosmopark, 2nd floor
+996 700 287 437
11:00 - 24:00

Dordoi Plaza, 4th floor
+996 501 287 437
10:00 - 22:00

Why our burgers are so tasty?

Organic meat

We make the patties only with fresh halal meat. Then we cook burgers on a charcoal grill, so that you can feel the whole flavor and spectrum of the meat taste.

Fresh vegetables

Fresh, carefully selected vegetables give our burger needed juiciness and freshness, on top of that spices create taste of richness and piquancy.

Fluffy buns

We bake buns for our burgers by ourselves. We form the desired shape and bake it in the oven, by carefully kneading the dough. In that way, they become soft, tasty, and flavorous.

Food delivery

We are cooperating closely with courier services such as “Namba Food” and "Express Delivery".
Cosmopark: +996 700 287 437
Dordoi Plaza, 4th floor: +996 501 287 437

Mystery shopper

The quality of food and service are our top priorities, which need to be regularly improved. Therefore, you can contribute to the development by becoming a mystery shopper. Fill out an application, make a reservation, and send a report. We will reimburse doubled amount of your cost! It is our appreciation for helping us to become better! Read more

What it takes to be a Mystery Shopper

  • Fill out the form by indicating the convenient days, time, and locations for you
  • After approval of your application, you will receive instructions with the date, location, and time of visit
  • Confirm your willingness to visit Burger House at offered time and location
  • On the visit day, make an order (should include one burger, one portion of fries and one soft drink) at the indicated location of Burger House
  • Fill out the report with photos
  • After the report, you will receive by mail or telephone a code which will let you buy food and drinks for the doubled amount you reported.
What types photos?
  • Check photo
  • Photos of the entire order
  • Photo of burger from the top
  • Photo of burger from side
  • Photos of burger without top bun
What to take into consideration?
  • Burger House staff members can not participate in the program
  • Don't tell anyone, that you are Mystery Shopper
  • If you can not come at arranged date or you can not make a report, be sure to write in advance to mry.shopper@gmail.com